The HMO Check-Off List

hmo compliance

What You Get:

Save yourself hours of time with this handy HMO compliance and regulations check off list! You can print it, or use it on your tablet/smart phone to ensure the property you are viewing is compliant with HMO regulations!

About the Authors

The HMO Check Off-List was created by John Colclough  from Pegasus Property Group, a Staffordshire based development company who have scaled up within two years a 15 million pound property portfolio.

John and his ex business partner founded Pegasus Property Group in February 2016, and with no start-up capital created a hands-free property development product for investors, allowing people from anywhere in the world to invest in high yielding property in Stoke-On-Trent where Pegasus Property would source a property, project manage the renovation adn then manage the property on going with their own letting agency.

John later became sole director in 2019 to push the company forward

Pegasus Property Group has analysed, and sourced over 65 projects, all using this deal analyser. This is one of the most important tools you’ll need and can save you thousands of pounds in mistakes.


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