The Developers’ Refurb Manual

Do you want to find out how we’ve sourced and renovated over 65 projects in the 1st   3.5 Years !?

The details on HOW we did it and HOW YOU can do it are IN THIS BOOK!

Want to turbo charge your property development empire?


  • How you can analyse a deal like a pro
  • Buy properties before your competition have scratched their arse
  • How to find and manage good building teams
  • The secrets to how we’ve scaled a property empire, and how you can too
  • Loads of amazing downloadable bonus content that we use to run our company
  • and much more!

About the Authors

The Developers Refurb Manual was written by John Colclough from Pegasus Property Group, a Staffordshire based development company who have scaled up within two years a 15 million pound property portfolio.

John and Nick founded Pegasus Property Group in February 2016, and with no start-up capital created a hands-free property development product for investors, allowing people from anywhere in the world to invest in high yielding property in Stoke-on-Trent where Pegasus Property would source a property, project manage the renovation and then manage the property on going with their own letting agency.

Pegasus Property Group has managed up to 19 property developments simultaneously with triple-digit construction workers, and have sourced over 45 developments with over 15 million pounds value. John and Nick have poured their combined 15 years of property development experience into their new book, The Developers Refurb Manual.
Nick later left the business in 2019 to go his own way and make his own path in life to find him self


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