How To Source Projects

Where to get new deals, etc.

Analysing Deals

Pick out the right deal for your property business!

How to find the team you need

Perfect tips on finding the right people to get the job done!

Planning, raising finance, and much much more!

Learn to raise capital for all of your projects!

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About the Authors

The HMO Compliance Manual was written by John Colclough from Pegasus Property Group, a Staffordshire based development company who have scaled up within two years a 15 million pound property portfolio.

John and Nick originally founded Pegasus Property Group in February 2016, and with no start-up capital created a hands-free property development product for investors, allowing people from anywhere in the world to invest in high yielding property in Stoke-on-Trent where Pegasus Property would source a property, project manage the renovation and then manage the property on going with their own letting agency.

John later became the sole director to push and drive the business forward 

Pegasus Property Group has managed up to 19 property developments simultaneously with triple-digit construction workers, and have sourced over 65 developments with over 15 million pounds value. John has poured his 10+  years of property development experience into their new book, The Developers Refurb Manual.



Ultimate Deal Analyser

The Ultimate Deal Analyser For Property Developers

Spreadsheet By: John Colclough of PPG


Join the Homies Property Community!

Property development and investment can be a lonely industry, join a community of driven individuals that meet monthly!

Build a network not just a community

Hosted By: John Colclough of PPG & Carole Neales of Clear water property partners


HMO Check-Off List

The Ultimate Check-Off List For Property Developers

Writen By: John Colclough of PPG